Creation/Evolution Journal

Free to Students and Educators

A creationist publication worth watching is Origins Research. Published in tabloid form and issued 2-4 times a year, this periodical features short and to-the-point articles that attack evolution and occasionally argue for creation. Now in its sixth year, Origins Research has featured articles by leading creationists and has published stimulating editorials on news events related to the controversy. Even views of those on the evolution side have appeared in its pages, sparking lively debate. A four-part series entitled "Methods of Teaching Origins" by Dr. John N. Moore is particularly informative about the creationists' proposed approach to "balanced treatment" in the public schools. Origins Research is an intercampus newsletter published by Students for Origins Research and is free to all students or educators who request it. It is offered at a $2.00 yearly subscription rate for all other interested persons. To subscribe, write to Students for Origins Research, P.O. Box 203, Santa Barbara, CA 93116.

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