Fossil Friday!

Last week, on the Fossil Friday, I gave you a mandible with promises of more to come. But then I had a sort of lousy, rainy week, and ended up wandering into the Pleistocene and like, wow, forget mandibles! I had a close encounter with some pretty awesome sea life. So apologies to those who had anticipated teeth and jaws and bone-crushers galore: those are on hold! 

This week, I bring you a lovely specimen dating from the Pleistocene, found in what is now Virginia. This species is still around today, so you don't need to be a paleo-lover to get it. Can you guess what this little sea dweller (or I should say "dwellers") were?

The first person to identify it (to the species!) wins bragging rights for the week.

Minda Berbeco
Short Bio

Minda Berbeco is the former Programs and Policy Director at NCSE.

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