"Evolution's Empathetic Advocate"

NCSE's deputy director Glenn Branch contributed "Evolution's Emphatic Advocate" to the blog of American Scientist, published by the scientific honor society Sigma Xi. As the subtitle "When it came to creationism, the late E. O. Wilson hated the sin but loved the sinner" suggests, his post discussed the Harvard biologist's diverging attitudes toward creationism and creationists: contempt for the former but compassion toward the latter.

Toward the end of the post, Branch also cited survey research (on which NCSE collaborated) that indicates that creationism is on the decline in the United States but still damaging the quality of evolution education. He concluded by asking, "Could there be any better way to honor the legacy of E. O. Wilson than to support the honest, accurate, and thorough teaching of the subject to which he made such substantial contributions?"

Glenn Branch
Short Bio

Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.