Empire State Association of Two Year Community Biologists

Whereas: A popular movement to compromise the teaching of Evolution exists, and

Whereas: any compromise in the teaching of evolution weakens the teaching of biology in general, and

Whereas: efforts on the part of textbook publishers to accommodate special interest groups, such as the popular anti-evolution movement, contributes to the weakening of biology instruction, and

Whereas: this practice is most pronounced at the pre-college level, be it

Resolved: that the E.S.A.T.Y.C.B. opposes anything less than the full textbook presentation of evolution as it is currently accepted by the biological community, and be it further

Resolved: that the E.S.A.T.Y.C.B. opposes the introduction of non-biological ideas as alternatives to evolution, and be it further:

Resolved: that the E.S.A.T.Y.C.B. recommends that its members become aware of the publishers' policies concerning exclusion of sound scientific information to accommodate special interest groups and that these policies be considered when selecting a text.

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