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Dawn Fuelberth

AP Biology, Honors Biology, and Forensics Science
Skutt Catholic High School
6/1/23 - Present

Dawn Fuelberth currently teaches AP biology, honors biology and forensics science at Skutt High School in Omaha, Nebraska, and is also an associate professor for the University of Nebraska Omaha. She is a National Biology Teacher Association Outstanding Biology Teacher honoree. Prior to teaching, she was privileged to work at CalTech in a world-renowned molecular biology lab researching gene therapy on Alzheimer's disease. With this background, she now integrates higher-level biotechnology concepts into the secondary setting. Fuelberth does not stop at the molecular level. Working with Edward Louis, director of the Henry Doorly Zoo genetics lab, Dawn and her AP students raised over $15,000 for Louis to hire locals to plant, raise, and tend trees in Madagascar. In recognition of their efforts, Louis named a plant structure in Madagascar the Skutt Nursery. Since she says "science is doing," her classroom is organized chaos.

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