"Creationism, Evolution, and Public Education"

NCSE Deputy Director Glenn Branch contributed "Creationism, Evolution, and Public Education" (paywalled) to Bloomsbury Religion in North America, a new online resource aiming to "provide reliable and peer-reviewed information for students and scholars" of religion.

In about 2500 words, Branch addressed "What Is Creationism and Why," "Creationism and its Discontents," "The Pillars of Creationism," "Creationism and the Courts," "American Creationism in the Twenty-First Century," and "Creationism around the World."

Branch concluded his article by reflecting, "[I]nsofar as creationists continue to attempt to influence what is taught in the public schools, creationism will continue to be a matter of urgent concern for those concerned about the integrity of public science education."

Glenn Branch
Short Bio

Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.