Creationism continues in British faith schools

"Creationism is still taught in dozens of faith schools [in the United Kingdom] despite Government threats to withdraw their funding," reports the Telegraph (May 2, 2015), describing the results of a recent investigation by the British Humanist Association.

In September 2014, the Department of Education instituted a ban on the state funding of nurseries (for children 2-4) that promote extremist views. Although the main target of the ban were "nurseries linked to radical mosques or run by Islamic hardliners," the Telegraph (August 7, 2014) noted, "Nurseries that teach creationism as scientific fact will be ineligible for taxpayer funding, under the new rules."

Before the ban was instituted, the British Humanist Association identified ninety-one schools of concern. Subsequently, in January 2015, the BHA sent freedom of information requests to local authorities to ascertain whether those schools were still receiving state funds. Only fourteen of the ninety-one schools in fact lost their funding. Fifty-one schools still receiving funding were regarded as likely to be teaching creationism.

The BHA's Pavan Dhaliwal told the Telegraph, "It is hugely disappointing ... to discover that creationist schools have continued to receive state funds since the ban on their doing so came into force" and called on the Department of Education to address the situation.


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