Climate Change

The National Center for Science Education is the only national organization devoted to defending the teaching of climate change in public schools. Human-caused climate change is not scientifically controversial. Although most U.S. adults believe that the climate is changing, only about half know that human activities are substantially responsible. The polarized and politicized nature of the societal debate about climate change can make it challenging for teachers to present the science honestly, accurately, and completely. NCSE is committed to helping teachers gain the confidence and support they need to teach climate change right.

How to Learn about Climate Change

The science of climate change encompasses many disciplines and is unfamiliar to many. Furthermore, the societal controversy has reinforced doubt and confusion about the nature and strength of the scientific evidence. “Climate Change 101” provides evidence-based answers to some central questions about climate change — Is the climate changing? Are humans causing that change? What will the consequences be? What can be done about it? — drawing on the best current scientific understanding.

What are the Challenges Facing Climate Change Education?

There are obstacles to climate change education beyond the attempts of climate change deniers to undermine climate change education. Even in the absence of such attacks, it is often difficult to find resources, support, or even a niche for teaching climate change within the educational system. Are you a teacher, trying to address climate change with your students? Check out NCSEteach, our associated programs and resources.

Are you a community member, scientist or activist interested in learning about how you can support climate change education in your community? Check out the Get Involved section of our site.