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Chance Duncan

Science and Engineering Teacher
Russellville High School
7/15/19 - 6/30/21

Chance is a high school life sciences teacher from Central Arkansas, having just completed his 11th year in education. He spent most of that time teaching courses like biology, anatomy and physiology, and AP biology. In his current assignment, Chance is teaching Pre-AP biology and a course in the Project Lead the Way Biomedical pathway called Medical Interventions. The latter course is relatively new to him, this being his second year teaching it. Science has always been a big part of Chance's life. He counts himself fortunate to have grown up in rural Arkansas where his back "yard" and nature were one and the same. Chance would say he is now where he wanted to be from the time he graduated college. Russellville School District is fairly large for the area and serves a very diverse population of students. Its facilities are second to none and it has the resources to allow students to really explore their interests to the farthest degree they want to go. When he is not in the classroom teaching, Chance is usually hiking one of the many awesome trails within minutes of his house, cycling, or caring for the myriad of critters he uses in his classroom to supplement his instruction. He is an avid "herper" and enjoys going out to try to observe and photograph the native reptiles.

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