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Meet our team of scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, designers, and dreamers.

X Kenneth R. Miller Kenneth R. Miller President

Kenneth R. Miller is Professor of Biology and Royce Family Professor for Teaching Excellence at Brown University. His honors include the AAAS's Award for Public Understanding of Science and Technology as well as NCSE's Friend of Darwin award. He testified for the plaintiffs in Kitzmiller v. Dover. His books include Finding Darwin's God (1999), Only a Theory (2008), and The Human Instinct (2018). He became president of NCSE's board of directors in 2017.

X Michael Haas Michael Haas Treasurer

Michael Haas is the founder of Orion Renewable Energy Group LLC and the co-founder of RDC Developments Ltd. He also founded Alliance for Climate Education, a non-profit organization that presents climate change and solutions to millions of high school students. He joined NCSE's board of directors in 2014 and became its treasurer in 2019.

X Benjamin D. Santer Benjamin D. Santer Secretary

Benjamin D. Santer is a climate researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. A member of the National Academy of Sciences, a recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship, and a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, he was also a major contributor to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change studies that won the IPCC the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997. He joined NCSE's board of directors in 2012.

X Vicki Chandler Vicki Chandler

Vicki Chandler is the Dean of Natural Sciences at Minerva Schools at KGI. A leading plant geneticist, Chandler is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, serving on its governing council from 2007 to 2010, and of the National Science Board; she was formerly Chief Program Officer for Science at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. She joined NCSE's board of directors in 2017.

X NCSE board member Sarah B. George Sarah B. George

Sarah B. George is the Chief Philanthropy Officer for the main campus of the University of Utah. She oversees development for the academic colleges and areas (non-health), serves on the executive team for the University’s Advancement program, and is engaged in managing the University’s $2 billion comprehensive campaign, Imagine New Heights. Previously, for almost 27 years, she was Executive Director of the Natural History Museum of Utah, which provides science education outreach and traveling exhibits to urban and rural communities statewide, serving more than 450,000 people annually both on and off site. She joined NCSE's board of directors in 2020.

X NCSE Board member Joseph Graves Jr. Joseph L. Graves Jr.

Joseph L. Graves Jr. is Professor of Biology at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, where he studies the genomics of adaptation as well as biological and social concepts of race in humans. He is the author of The Emperor's New Clothes: Biological Theories of Race at the Millennium (2003), The Race Myth: Why We Pretend Race Exists in America (2004), and (with Alan Goodman) Racism, Not Race: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (2021)He joined NCSE's board of directors in 2021.

X Michael B. Lubic Michael B. Lubic

Michael B. Lubic is a partner in the Los Angeles and San Francisco offices of the global law firm K&L Gates. He has a broad insolvency practice encompassing litigation, transactions, and counseling. A founder and long-time member of NCSE's Legal Advisory Committee, he joined NCSE's board of directors in 2019.

X Michael E. Mann Michael E. Mann

Michael E. Mann is Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State University and director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center. He received the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement for 2019. A recipient of NCSE's Friend of the Planet Award, he joined NCSE's board of directors in 2019.

X Naomi Oreskes Naomi Oreskes

Naomi Oreskes is Professor of the History of Science at Harvard University. With Erik M. Conway, Oreskes wrote Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco to Global Warming (2010). Her honors include a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication, and NCSE's Friend of the Planet award. She joined NCSE's board of directors in 2017.

X Barry Polisky Barry Polisky

Barry Polisky is currently a consultant for a number of companies developing interfering RNA-based therapeutics. After a successful academic career as a molecular biology researcher at Indiana University, he served as chief scientific officer for a number of biotechnology start-ups, including Sirna Therapeutics and Marina Biotech, and as research vice president at Merck and Co. He joined NCSE's board of directors in 2016.

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