Answer Monday: A Scary Fossil

Last week on Fossil Friday, I gave you a nearly full skull! Surely you could figure this one out in no time.  It was a Borealosuchus sternbergii, an early crocodile.

From the Prehistoric Wildlife site:

“Borealosuchus was a mid-sized genus of crocodile, with the largest species B. acutidentatus attaining lengths of two hundred and eighty centimetres in length, with a skull thirty-six centimetres long. Borealosuchus is also another genus of crocodile that survived the KT extinction that marked the end of the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and the great marine reptiles. It may be that the physiological and ecological characteristics of crocodiles allowed them to survive this extinction event as other crocodile genera such as Dyrosaurus and Brachychampsa are also known to have made it through this extinction event.”

And as to my hint this week? Well anyone who was ever a kid should know this one.


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