Answer Monday

Mm ... swirly ...Not as cuddly as a bunny, but cute nevertheless, it’s Streptaster! One of the Edrioasteroidea, a class of echinoderm, Streptaster “is distinguished by the very high, long, and strongly curved ambulacra, all of which curve counterclockwise,” as the University of Georgia Stratigraphy Lab notes. Congratulations to Dan Coleman for being the first to identify the genus, and a tip of the very high, long, and strongly curved hat to Dan Phelps for the photograph.

I promised to tell you more about the rabbits, so here goes: J. B. S. Haldane, who supposedly said that the discovery of a fossil rabbit in Cambrian or Precambrian strata would definitively falsify evolution, also wrote a piece entitled “On Being One’s Own Rabbit” (published in his 1927 book of essays Possible Worlds). You have to wonder what he had in mind, especially when you consider that Haldane was acquainted with H. G. Wells, the author of The Time Machine...

Glenn Branch
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