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An Additional Note on the Omphalos Argument

Dr. Henry Morris, Director of the Institute for Creation Research, has dealt with the appearance-of-age problem many times in his books. The following quotes selected from one of his works illustrate his position on the question.

The Special Creation Model Must Include an Evolutionary Appearance of Age

"We are limited exclusively to divine revelation as to the date of creation, the duration of creation, the method of creation, and every other question concerning the creation. And a very important fact to recognize is that true creation necessarily involves creation of an `appearance of age.' It is impossible to imagine a genuine creation of anything without that entity having an appearance of age at the instant of its creation. It would always be possible to imagine some sort of evolutionary history for such an entity, no matter how simple it might be, even though it had just been created."

Henry M. Morris, The Twilight of Evolution (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1964) p. 56

. . . But This Does Not Involve Deception

"We insist as emphatically as we know how that the doctrine of creation of apparent age does not in the remotest degree involve a divine deception, but is rather inherent in the very nature of creation. Further, God in grace has even revealed much concerning the true age of the creation in His written Word, but men have simply refused to accept it."

The Twilight of Evolution, pp. 57-58

. . . Except When the Appearance of Age is Interpreted as Evidence for Evolution

"But behind both groups of evolutionists [those that accept or reject God] one can discern the malignant influence of `that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world' (Revelation 12.9). As we have seen, it must have been essentially the deception of evolution which prompted Satan himself to rebel against God, and it was essentially the same great lie with which he deceived Eve, and with which he has continued to deceive the whole world."

The Twilight of Evolution, p. 93

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