Creation/Evolution Journal

About this issue and the next . . .

In this issue, we continue from Issue XIV the discussion of the design argument. William Thwaites leads off with an article about the natural formation of new proteins. "Letters to the Editor" continues the dialogue with responses to material published in previous issues of Creation/Evolution. Although we have on hand a new response from Norman Geisler, we chose not to publish it this issue. In this way, we could catch up on some of the letters written in response to his earlier contributions. Dr. Geisler's newest response will appear in the next issue, along with a special article by Hubert Yockey.

Also in this issue, we focus on the fossil record. James S. Monroe writes in detail on the horse series, a series often challenged by creationists. Dr. Monroe not only shows how the creationist challenges are off the mark but makes clear that the horse series is linked to fossil sequences of other perissodactyls. The evidence shows a radiating evolutionary pattern that extends far beyond what creationists could conveniently relabel as "variation within the original created kind."

John Wolf and James S. Mellett provide a scholarly history of "Nebraska Man" that reveals how a "pig's tooth" was mistaken for the tooth of a human ancestor and how the error was discovered. Creationists make much of such corrected errors of evolutionary scientists while asking us not to do likewise with their own corrected errors.

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