Creation/Evolution Journal

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In this issue, Tom McIver again brings his historical scholarship to bear on an issue relevant to creationism. This time, he explores the history of and the major players in the development and promotion of the "gap theory." Rarely do we treat in detail alternative creationist theories, preferring instead to focus upon the young-Earth special creationists who are so politically militant regarding public education. However, coverage of different creationist views is necessary from time to time in order to provide perspective and balance for those involved in the controversy.

The second article compares scripture to the doctrines of young-Earth special creationists and finds important disparities. Author Stanley Rice convincingly shows that "scientific" creationists add their own imaginative ideas in an effort to pseudoscientifically "flesh out" scripture.

But why do so many people accept creationist notions? Some have maintained that the answer may be found through the study of demographics. George E. Webb explores that possibility in "Demographic Change and Antievolution Sentiment" and comes to some interesting conclusions.

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