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Did humans and dinosaurs live together in Texas just before Noah's Flood? Creationists say they did, supporting this claim by citing alleged human foot prints that have been found side-by-side with those of dinosaurs in the Cretaceous limestone of the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas. But what would a scientific team of noncreationists conclude? Creation/Evolution wanted to find out, and so it supported the efforts of Dr. Laurie R. Godfrey to gather together such a team, conduct first-hand investigations, and report the findings. The result is this special issue of Creation/Evolution edited by John R. Cole and Laurie R. Godfrey and authored by the following individuals.

JOHN R. COLE earned his Ph.D. in anthropology from Columbia University, specializing in archaeology and cultural anthropology. He is executive director of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal and formerly taught at the University of Northern Iowa and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

LAURIE R. GODFREY earned her Harvard Ph.D. in anthropology, specializing in paleontology and anatomy. She is associate professor of anthropology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and M. I. Bunting Science Fellow at Radcliffe-Harvard.

RONNIE J. HASTINGS earned his Ph.D. in physics from Texas A & M. He is chair of the Science Department, Waxahachie, Texas High School, and is a member of the Texas Council for Science Education.

STEVEN D. SCHAFERSMAN earned his Ph.D. in geology from Rice University, specializing in invertebrate paleontology. He is president of the Texas Council for Science Education and is a consulting research geologist in Houston.

All have written extensively on various topics of the creation/evolution controversy.

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