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The debate goes on. Matthew Landau exposes one of the errors in Michael Denton's critique of evolution, while Stephen J. Godfrey continues Creation/Evolution's challenge to Robert V. Gentry's creationist conclusions from polonium halo research. The bulk of this issue, however, continues the spirited exchange between Jim Lippard and Walter T. Brown, Jr. We have received many letters on this but, due to space limitations, could publish only one in this issue's "Letters to the Editor" section. Additional letters will appear next issue.

In regard to this dialogue, we apologize for an omission in "Brown Responds to Lippard" on page forty-one of Creation/Evolution XXV. Two lines were inadvertently dropped from Brown's discussion of two- to twenty-celled life forms. The sentence, in its entirety, should have read:

Libbie Henrietta Hyman has pointed out the many differences between colonial forms and multicellular forms of life—of all kingdoms. Multicellular forms have a much higher degree of cellular differentiation than colonial forms (Hyman, 1940, pp. 248-255).

This version might differ slightly from the print publication.