The 40th anniversary of the Miller-Morris debate

April 10, 2021, was the 40th anniversary of the celebrated evolution/creationism debate between Kenneth R. Miller of Brown University (currently serving as the president of NCSE's board of directors) and Henry M. Morris of the Institute for Creation Research. A transcript of the debate is posted on NCSE's website, and the complete audio, with illustrations, is posted on NCSE's YouTube channel.

The debate was memorable for both participants. In a 2000 review of Miller's Finding Darwin's God (HarperCollins, 1999), Morris wrote, "He was clearly the most superficially convincing protagonist against creationism I ever encountered in my more than 30 creation/evolution debates," while Miller often — as in the Brown alumni magazine in 2005 — credits the debate with inspiring his passion for the creationism/evolution controversy.

NCSE is grateful to Kenneth R. Miller and the late Henry Morris III of the Institute for Creation Research for their permission to post the debate and the transcript, and to Robert L. Camp, the late Richard B. Hoppe III, Jason Rosenhouse, and Christopher Nedin for helping to transcribe the debate. At NCSE, Glenn Branch compiled and proofread the transcript, Robert Luhn processed the audio, and Steven Newton selected the YouTube illustrations.

Glenn Branch
Short Bio

Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.