The winners of NCSE's bumper sticker contest

We asked you to submit your ideas for a new NCSE bumper sticker, to speak loud, speak proud, for evolution — and by golly you did.

NCSE headquarters was flooded with almost 550 entries from almost 150 people, including sixty entries from a single indefatigable sloganeer. After days of statistical analysis and rigorous peer-review, we are pleased to congratulate the winners — David Cone, Tom Griffiths, Michael Keller, Tania Lombrozo, Jerry Newton, Bill Pogson, S. Michael Smith, Drew Weller, and a few who preferred not to be identified — who received such fabulous prizes as a Charles Darwin bobblehead from Southern Illinois University Carbondale's Department of Zoology, a DVD of Greta Schiller's documentary No Dinosaurs in Heaven, and NCSE's famous "my ancestors" t-shirt, suitable for all occasions. Thanks to all who participated in the contest.

And where are the slogans? For that, you'll have to wait for the new stickers to be designed and advertised! So keep your eyes on