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In addition to staying on top of efforts to interfere with the teaching of evolution and climate change, we here at NCSE HQ try to follow the latest developments in evolutionary biology and climate change, and keep our eye on how scientific evidence is being represented in the media, public pronouncements, political campaigns, and elsewhere. It’s all part of trying to be as well-informed as we can about how challenges to established science may directly or indirectly trickle down into what students are being taught in school.

We have a habit of shooting e-mails around when something catches our eye: “hey, bloggers, did you see this? Someone should write about it!” But with fewer than a dozen people, we can’t cover everything in depth. So we thought we’d try something new. Every week, we’ll try to share with you some of the stories that caught our eyes. We’ll provide the links and a couple sentences about why we thought the story was cool. If someone did end up writing a whole post, we’ll link to that too.

Feel free to share articles that crossed your screen this week in the comment section, or to e-mail us directly during the week with things that caught your eye. We’ll add the best to our weekly posts.

NCSE Executive Director Ann Reid
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Ann Reid is the Executive Director of NCSE.


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