Webcast: Evolving Christianity

Interested in exploring the issues raised by science and faith? A free webcast series promises to assemble "thirty of today's most inspiring Christian leaders and esteemed scientists for a groundbreaking dialogue on how an evolutionary worldview can enrich your life, deepen your faith, and bless our world." To be broadcast throughout December 2010 and January 2011, "Evolutionary Christianity — Conversations at the Leading Edge of Faith" includes interviews with NCSE Supporter Kenneth R. Miller, discussing "Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul," as well as Ian Barbour, John Cobb, Michael Dowd, John F. Haught, Karl W. Giberson, Owen Gingerich, Denis Lamoureux, John Polkinghorne, John Shelby Spong, Charles H. Townes, and a host of further scientists and scholars who regard their acceptance of evolution as expanding and enriching their faith. To subscribe to the webcast series and the companion e-newsletter, visit http://evolutionarychristianity.com/.