Update on South Carolina's mammoth debate

The South Carolina House of Representatives rejected the Senate's version of House Bill 4482 — which refers to the Sixth Day of Creation — on a 72-30 vote on April 9, 2014. As NCSE previously reported, HB 4482 was intended to designate the Columbian mammoth as the official state fossil and passed the House on a 94-3 vote in February 3, 2014. 

In the Senate, however, Kevin L. Bryant (R-District 3) sought to amend the bill also to designate Genesis 1:24-25, which describes the sixth day of creation, as the official state passage from an ancient historical text. But his amendment was ruled out of order, as introducing "new and independent matter."

Bryant subsequently sought to amend the bill to add "as created on the Sixth Day with the other beasts of the field" after each instance of "mammoth." He was successful; the Senate passed the amended bill on a 35-0 vote on April 2, 2014. With the rejection of the amended bill, HB 4482 will presumably proceed to a conference committee.