Tourism agency charged with improperly promoting creation "museum"

Answers in Genesis's Creation Museum continues to spark controversy. Noting that the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau's website describes [Link broken] the museum as aiming to "counter evolutionary natural history museums that turn countless minds against Christ and Scripture," Daniel Phelps, the president of the Kentucky Paleontological Society, protested the inflammatory description. His protests were ignored by the agency until the story was broken in the media. Phelps told the Cincinnati Enquirer (August 26, 2007) that it was inappropriate for the tax-supported tourism agency to express such a view. "There's many people who are very religious, and they don't have a problem with evolution," he added. "If the creationists want to say things like that on their own Web site, that's their business."

A spokesperson for the agency told the Enquirer that the language was taken from Answers in Genesis, explaining, "We simply provide a listing and description on the Web site as a service to them," but declined to comment on whether the agency would consider revising the description of the Creation museum. Phelps responded, "It's a local attraction, and they should be listed on their Web site ... But they don't need to say anything negative about a regular natural-history museum, and I just was amazed." A spokesperson for Answers in Genesis defended both the agency's use of the ministry's description of the museum and the accuracy of the description itself, saying that natural history museums indeed turn countless minds against the Bible "when they present an evolutionary view that's in contrast with what the Bible says."