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We help students overcome common misconceptions about climate change, evolution, and the nature of science.

National surveys show that 40% to 60% of U.S. public school science teachers hedge, equivocate, or send a mixed message when they teach evolution or climate change. NCSE aims to help all of them improve their teaching practices.

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NCSE Teacher Ambassador Rebecca Brewer with her students


Our goal is to reach those teachers who don't have the content expertise or confidence required to teach climate change, evolution, and the nature of science. Our surveys tell us that there is high demand for professional development on these topics. We know that if we can help these teachers, we'll have a great impact on young people all across the country.

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Meet the Ambassadors

Since the inception of our Teacher Ambassador initiative, we have counted 47 teachers from across the country among its ranks and many are still guiding our work today. They are master teachers who are adept at navigating the challenges of teaching climate change and evolution in regions where those topics are socially controversial.

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Classroom Resources

Our 15 lesson sets, developed and tested by highly-qualified science teachers, tackle common misconceptions about climate change, evolution, and the nature of science.

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Teaching Resources

Our Teacher Ambassadors have developed freely available, adaptable units on climate change, evolution, and the nature of science. Check out these lessons, as well as other valuable teaching resources.

What I do when students have opposition to climate change is try not to impose my viewpoints. Instead, I have several simulations that we run in class and they come to their own conclusions.Rebecca Brewer

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Getting kids to think about misinformation and disinformation — that is the special sauce of the NCSE curriculum. Michael Lowry

Meet Our Teacher Ambassadors

These talented educators are science content experts who utilize the best - and innovative - teaching practices. They also understand how to communicate effectively with students, families, and administrators about the teaching of climate change and evolution in a non-confrontational manner. Each Teacher Ambassador is experienced in incorporating understanding of the nature of science, a critical element of successful evolution and climate change education. 

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