Roseville Teachers Reject Antievolutionist Materials

Science teachers in the Roseville Joint Union High School District have told the district that they do not want to add antievolutionist materials to the district science curriculum, according to the Sacramento Bee (December 28, 2003). The materials, recommended by Larry Caldwell, a local parent, and Cornelius Hunter, author of Darwin’s God and Darwin’s Proof, included the videotape of Icons of Evolution. The teachers’ decision was based on their own assessment of the materials as well as critiques from scientists at the University of California, Davis, California State University, Sacramento, and Brigham Young University. In a statement to district officials, the teachers wrote, "We recommend that the suggested supplemental materials not be used to augment the concepts presented in the Holt biology book," adding "We will continue to meet our obligation to respect students' viewpoints while helping them understand scientific theories." Although Roseville Assistant Superintendent Steven Lawrence told the Bee that the debate over evolution education in Roseville’s schools was now over, Caldwell expressed a desire for the decision to be reconsidered.