Our Changing Climate: Water Scarcity

In our latest collaboration video with YouTube creator Charlie Kilman, NCSE Graduate Student Outreach Fellow Annie Stoeth tackles the complicated issue of water scarcity. She wanted to explain the interconnectedness of drought and climate change while also highlighting the human toll that water scarcity will have on vulnerable populations. In the video, you’ll meet Linda, an agricultural laborer in California’s Central Valley who is already having to contend with difficult choices in light of the water shortage. Stoeth’s inspiration for this video came largely from her own experiences in the Peace Corps and in her doctoral program in Earth and Environmental Sciences at the City University of New York. Through that work, she has learned the importance of telling personal stories to illustrate complicated environmental issues. As you’ll see in the video, these techniques can be effective in helping people care about important issues and take action on climate change.

Previous collaboration:

Biodiversity — NCSE Graduate Student Outreach Fellow Cat Henry along with DJ Kast wrote the script for this video essay, which examines how climate change is causing a decrease in biodiversity worldwide.

Kate Carter
Short Bio

Kate Carter is Director of Community Science Education at NCSE.


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