NCSE's Grand Canyon Trip 2008

July 30 - August 6, 2008

Standing (left to right): Randy Moore, Chuck O'Dale, Alan Meyer, Andre Lachance, Elliot Halpern, Glenn Branch, Carol L. Smith, Alan Gishlick, Dave Koerner, Eugenie Scott, Cate Matisi, Mark Winslow, Jake Jaramillo, Anne G. Jones, Trudy Matisi-Joyner, Meredith Rutter, Gary A. Marple, Bruce Millies, Carrie Sager

Sitting: Carolyn Meyer, Linda Halpern, Becky Greben, Cathy Jaramillo, Jane Bowles

Movie Camera
Musical slideshow by Meredith and Gary
Short Bio

Carrie Sager is a former Project Assistant at NCSE.