NCSE's Branch elected to the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

NCSE Deputy Director Glenn Branch was among fourteen new Fellows of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry chosen for their outstanding contributions to science and skepticism, according to a February 1, 2022, announcement from the Committee.

"At NCSE, Branch monitors and helps coordinate resistance to efforts to undermine the teaching of evolution and climate change in formal and informal science education," the announcement explained. "He also manages NCSE's survey research program. He is the author of numerous articles on evolution education and climate change education, the coeditor of Not in Our Classrooms: Why Intelligent Design Is Wrong for Our Schools, and a frequent writer for [the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry's magazine] Skeptical Inquirer. He received the Evolution Education Award from the National Association of Biology Teachers in 2020."

On the Committee, Branch joins former NCSE executive director Eugenie C. Scott, NCSE board members Michael E. Mann, Kenneth R. Miller, and Naomi Oreskes, and former NCSE board member Barbara Forrest.

Glenn Branch
Short Bio

Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.