NCSE's Branch discusses efforts to improve climate change education in Indiana

Students examining a climate model.

Speaking to Indiana Public Broadcasting News (January 3, 2023), NCSE Deputy Director Glenn Branch applauded the treatment of climate change in Indiana's new state science standards. The old standards received the grade of D in a 2020 study conducted by NCSE and the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund. In contrast, the new standards "would be among the top 10 in the country now — and that's a huge achievement of which Hoosiers can be proud," he commented.

But Branch warned, as he previously warned in the Indianapolis Star (July 28, 2022), that Indiana's science teachers will need to be equipped to comply with the increased demands of the new standards. If not, and if climate change education suffers as a result, he suggested, Indiana "could get a reputation as a state that's unfriendly to science, inhospitable to high-tech investments." Fortunately, as the article noted, teacher groups and public universities are working to prepare Indiana's teachers.