NCSE's Branch on climate change, consensus, and controversy

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A special issue of the California Journal of Science Education devoted to climate change includes "Teaching Climate Change by Leveraging Scientific Consensus to Dispel Social Controversy" (PDF) by NCSE's deputy director Glenn Branch. The abstract:

The scientific consensus on climate change is genuine, credible, and robust. It is no wonder that those who have ideological and pecuniary motives for denying the existence of anthropogenic climate change are eager to deny the existence, extent, and legitimacy of the scientific consensus, and that these denials threaten the integrity of public science education. Likewise, it is no wonder that the integrity of public science education both demands and benefits from a vigorous assertion, explanation, and defense of the scientific consensus on climate change.

All of the articles in the issue are freely available. The California Journal of Science Education is published by the California Association of Science Educators, which bestowed its Distinguished Contributions Award on NCSE in 2017.

Glenn Branch
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Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.

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