NCSE Launches Giving Tuesday Campaign

The National Center for Science Education works to ensure that every student gets the science education they need to become informed and engaged citizens when they grow up. We help teachers cover evolution and climate change accurately and completely, especially in communities where the topics are highly contentious. Our Science Booster Clubs provide community members with an easy way to bring fun and accessible hands-on evolution and climate change activities to public events. We vigilantly monitor any interference in the integrity of science education. This includes altered textbooks and/or science education standards. We galvanize communities to oppose legislation that would let bad science into classrooms and reduce the effectiveness of our teachers.

It’s a big mission. And we can’t do it alone. That’s why we are asking for your help this year on Giving Tuesday. You can donate here.

We are thankful for our extraordinary Board members – Science, education, and legal experts who help us achieve our mission. To show their commitment to NCSE’s success, they have pledged $30,000 to match your contribution on Giving Tuesday.

We are thankful for our supporting organizations– When professional societies support NCSE, they ensure teachers have the support they need to teach even the most contentious topics with confidence.

We are thankful for our teacher network – The best way to know what is going on in science classrooms is by asking teachers. They are also the best way to reach and provide more educators with the necessary tools to teach evolution and climate change effectively. Thank you teachers!

We are thankful for our Booster Club volunteers – In many parts of the country, opportunities to engage directly with science after leaving high school are practically non-existent. The fact that nearly 160,000 people have participated in NCSE Booster Club activities in the last two years shows that demand is high. Without our volunteers, bringing these activities to the curious public simply wouldn’t happen. Thank you volunteers!

And, finally, we are grateful for our thousands of members all over the country, who support us financially, in amounts big and small.

If you’d like to be part of our mission, we hope that you will donate on Giving Tuesday.

Warm wishes,


Ann Reid

Executive Director

NCSE Executive Director Ann Reid
Short Bio

Ann Reid is the Executive Director of NCSE.