NCSE highlighted in GBH story on climate change education

Gloucester, MA, high school

"With climate change shifting the relationship of humans with the Earth, [climate change education] is vital, but earth and environmental science classes are offered unevenly across Massachusetts and the nation, often taking a backseat to competing priorities," according to GBH in Boston (June 27, 2022).

WGBH noted, "A review of online curricula from various high schools around the state shows they have vastly different approaches" to climate change education despite the guidance offered by the state. (Massachusetts's state science standards received a B+ for their treatment of climate change in the 2020 NCSE/TFNEF study "Making the Grade?")

Stressing the importance of high school level earth science classes, NCSE's Deputy Director Glenn Branch suggested, "For states to make taking a high school level [earth] science class as a prerequisite for graduation would do a lot to move the dial, I think, on climate change." But he was not optimistic, adding, "I'd also like a pony."

Glenn Branch
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Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.