"Learning from the American evolution wars"

NCSE's deputy director Glenn Branch contributed "Learning from the American evolution wars" to a special issue of Shuddhashar that "takes a serious look at debates and controversies around education."

In his article, Branch noted that Stephen Jay Gould "described creationist attacks on evolution education ... as being 'as locally and distinctively American as apple pie and Uncle Sam.' ... The historian Ronald L. Numbers later demurred, slyly citing different Americana in the process: 'Although Gould remained oblivious to it, the worldwide growth of creationism by 2000 had already proven him utterly wrong. Antievolutionism had become a global phenomenon, as readily exportable as hip-hop and blue jeans.' Yet Gould was not utterly wrong, for his 'apple pie and Uncle Sam' comment was immediately followed by a clarifying assertion that 'no other Western nation faces such an incubus as a serious political movement.' Learning about the basic contours of the American wars over evolution thus may help to abate the effects of skirmishes over evolution education around the world."

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Glenn Branch
Short Bio

Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.