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Eugenie C. ScottEugenie C. Scott

NCSE is pleased to announce the addition of a further batch of videos featuring NCSE's executive director Eugenie C. Scott to NCSE's YouTube channel. From 2010, there's "Why the Fuss about Darwin and Evolution?" and "Creationism, Evolution, Law, Education, and Politics". From 2006, there's "Evolution vs. Creationism: An Introduction," delivered at the Loomis Chaffee School. And from 2010, there's "Is There a Need for a Climate NCSE?" — a short interview of Scott by Flock of Dodos's Randy Olson.

There are also videos of three panel discussions in which Scott participated: "McLean v. Arkansas 20 Years Later" (in four parts); a 2001 panel with Francisco Ayala, Stephen Jay Gould, Harold Morowitz, Ronald L. Numbers, and Scott; "The Vigil after Dover" (in three parts), a 2006 panel with John F. Haught, Robert T. Pennock, Michael Ruse, Scott, Joseph Travis, and Steven Gey; and Scott's presentation to "Science and Religion: Confrontation or Accommodation?" — a 2010 panel at the Council for Secular Humanism conference.

That's not all. Barbara Forrest, a member of NCSE's board of directors, speaks on "Back to the Future: The Louisiana Science Education Act" from 2010 and on "Inside Creationism's Trojan Horse" from 2007. There's also footage of NCSE's booth at the Science Expo of the USA Science & Engineering Festival on the National Mall in Washington DC from 2010 — watch NCSE's Robert Luhn, Steven Newton, and Joshua Rosenau helping attendees to navigate the tree of life and to explore the concept of common ancestry!

Additionally, there are three blasts from the past: "The Case of the Texas Footprints," with John R. Cole, Laurie Godfrey, Ronnie Hastings, Lee Mansfield, and Steven Schafersman, from 1983; "Dos and Dont's Debating Creationists" (in four parts), with Fred Edwords, Jack Friedman, Ronnie Hastings, Frank Lovell, Kenneth R. Miller, Wayne Moyer, Scott, and Michael Zimmerman, from 1988; and a presentation for children on "Genes Genes Genes!" with Alan Spector and Judith Spector, featuring an interview with Scott, from 1997. Tune in and enjoy!

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