Kenneth R. Miller on current threats to evolution education

Kenneth R. Miller

Kenneth R. Miller, president of NCSE's board of directors and professor of biology at Brown University, features in a ten-minute documentary about current threats to evolution education, produced by Retro Report and hosted at The New York Times. Also appearing is activist Zack Kopplin, a recipient of NCSE's Friend of Darwin award.

The documentary, as the Times (November 19, 2017) describes it, "shows the enduring strength of the forces that embrace the biblical account of Creation or reasonable facsimiles of it," following antievolutionist efforts from the Scopes trial through "creation science" and "intelligent design" to the so-called Louisiana Science Education Act of 2008.

Miller expressed concern about Louisiana's law especially, observing, "the First Amendment protects you against imposition of religious ideas in the public schools — it doesn't protect you against the introduction of stupid ideas," and worrying that students are learning that "the scientific method and the scientific community [are] not to be trusted."