It’s Giving Tuesday, Show NCSE Some Love!

Giving Tuesday is a designated time to remember the causes you hold dear while you’re doing your holiday shopping. This year, I hope you’ll consider putting a little something in NCSE ‘s stocking.

Why give to NCSE?

I’ll give you two reasons:

1. Because what NCSE does is really important; and 

2. No other organization in the country does what we do.


Only NCSE focuses like a laser beam on making sure that what kids learn in science class is science—not creationism, not climate change denial, and not false equivalencies couched as inappropriate debate.

This year, our mission is even more important. Our president-elect has called climate change a hoax. Our vice-president elect has denounced evolution on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. The risk that climate change and evolution, for which the scientific evidence is overwhelming, will become more politicized and socially controversial is greater than it’s been for a long time.

Over the decades, NCSE has helped local citizens block scores of attempts to legislate the inclusion of creationism or climate change denial in science class. We have counseled hundreds of students, parents, and teachers who have faced specific problems in their own schools or communities. Because our work is often done confidentially and because we help put out fires before they start, our efforts often go unacknowledged. Bt we aren’t in this for acknowledgement—we’re in this to defend the integrity of science teachers and science education.

And lest you think we just sit around waiting for people to call us, our new initiatives demonstrate otherwise. With the NCSEteach network, we provide direct support to science teachers who cover evolution or climate change. NCSEteach now includes more than 6,000 teachers and has facilitated 100 scientist and teacher collaborations via our Scientist in the Classroom program. Meanwhile, the NCSE Science Booster Club program has engaged more than 54,000 Iowans in fun, accessible, scientifically accurate climate change and evolution activities in the last year.

Our goal for all of these programs and initiatives is simple: We want every science teacher to feel confident and unafraid to give their students the undiluted and unambiguous science education they deserve. Your gift, big or small, will go directly toward meeting that goal. Please visit and help us continue to do what we do best—support teachers, engage scientists, and organize local communities to ensure that evolution and climate change are taught without compromise.

NCSE Executive Director Ann Reid
Short Bio

Ann Reid is the Executive Director of NCSE.
We can't afford to lose any time when it comes to the future of science education.

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