Indiana Legislation Contemplating ID?

The Indianapolis Star reports in an article on November 3, 2005, that the speaker of the House, Brian Bosma, as well as 36 of 52 Republican legislators, have surveyed their constituents regarding opinions on equal time for intelligent design (ID) in science classes. Rep. Bruce Bowers, describing himself as "passionate" about ID, declared his intent to introduce legislation requiring modification of state science education standards, which would not ordinarily be updated until 2010 (see article here). [Link broken]

The article notes that "The proposal comes a little more than a month after Bosma and a handful of other House members met privately with Carl Baugh, host of the Trinity Broadcasting Network show 'Creationism in the 21st Century,' to discuss bringing intelligent design to public schools." Carl Baugh is a young-earth creationist who has been a long-time proponent of human and dinosaur tracks found together in the Paluxy River limestones near Glen Rose, Texas.

The potential legislation has support from some Democrats as well as Republicans, but did not receive support from the head of the Indiana School Boards Association, who contended that the State Board of Education should make the decision. Any legislation would have to be introduced and passed before March 14, 2006, the end of the legislative session.

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