Helping students make sense of coronavirus

In this first installment of our Misconception of the Month video series, NCSE Executive Director answers questions about the coronavirus posed by Jennifer Broo's AP Biology students at St. Ursula Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The conversation was prompted by Reid's article, "It's Not About What the Virus Wants, It's What the Humans Do."

Questions in the video:

3:55 "A lot of people in my family really want to know if this is going to become something more similar to the flu … in years to come.”

5:34 “When will we go back to normal and what will this new normal look like.”

10:15 "Does anybody have a tip to share that they’ve done either with their family or at work or at school that they feel like, 'Wow, that really worked. That really helped that person understand my point of view,' or understand something about the pandemic?"

12:16 "Is there going to be a point in time when the vaccines are narrowed down to one and one is going to be more predominant than the others?"

15:08 "Why are people who have had COVID who are getting the vaccine getting sick from it? 19:18 What did you notice when you couldn’t smell things? What was the biggest change in your life?"

Paul Oh
Short Bio

Paul Oh is Director of Communications at NCSE.