Haas joins NCSE board

NCSE is pleased to announce the addition of Michael Haas, a businessman, entrepreneur, and climate activist, to its board of directors. "In the fight with climate change, knowledge is power," Haas explained. "But too many students are not learning what they need to know about climate change and the solutions. That's why I'm pleased to join NCSE's board of directors and to support its diverse efforts to defend the integrity of science education."

NCSE's executive director Ann Reid commented, "With climate change denial still prevalent in our country, and especially with recent attacks on climate science education in states such as Michigan, Texas, and Wyoming, it's clear that NCSE's work is needed now more than ever." She added, "Thanks to Haas's vision and passion for climate science education, I feel renewed confidence that we will be able to continue our efforts to defend the teaching of climate science as well as the teaching of evolution."

Brian Alters, the president of NCSE's board of directors, was also enthusiastic. "The business community is beginning to wake up to the fact that the fate of the economy is linked to the fate of the environment," he commented. "But what Michael Haas understands — for which he deserves great credit — is that both are linked to the fate of science education, because it's the next generation that needs to be equipped to face the challenge of climate change."

Haas is the founder of Orion Renewable Energy Group LLC and the co-founder of RDC Developments Ltd., companies that help to meet the growing worldwide demand for low-cost non-polluting renewable energy. He is also the founder of Alliance for Climate Education, a non-profit organization that presents climate change and solutions to millions of high school students, putting young people at the center of the story and giving every student a chance to take action.

On NCSE's board of directors Haas joins president Brian Alters of Chapman University, vice president and treasurer Lorne Trottier of Matrox, secretary Robert M. West of Informal Learning Experiences, Francisco J. Ayala of the University of California, Irvine, Barbara Forrest of Southeastern Louisiana University, Richard B. Katskee of Mayer Brown LLP, and Benjamin D. Santer of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.