Genie Grants SciAm's Wishes

NCSE's Scott joins Scientific American's revamped Board of Advisers

Dr. Eugenie C. Scott has joined Scientific American's revamped and expanded Board of Advisers. In her new role, Dr. Scott will have a hand in shaping the course of the magazine, offering advice and feedback on upcoming editorial plans, manuscripts, article proposals, and more.

In her letter to Dr. Scott, acting editor in chief Mariette DiChristina noted, "We at Scientific American admire your work, and would greatly value having the benefit of your opinions."

Other members of this select group include Steven Weinberg (Nobel prize winner for physics); Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law School professor and founder of the Center for Internet and Society; physicist and author Lawrence M. Krauss; microbiologist and immunologist John P. Moore of Cornell University; Jeffrey Sachs, Director of The Earth Institute; Arthur Caplan, Professor of Bioethics at University of Pennsylvania; and Martin Rees, Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics at the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Scott joins the board with the November 2009 issue.

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