Further kudos for Evolution vs. Creationism

Eugenie C. Scott's Evolution vs. Creationism (second edition: Greenwood Press, 2008 and University of California Press, 2009) was recommended by the International Society for Science and Religion as one of 250 central texts in the field of science and religion. In his essay introducing the book for ISSR, the historian Edward J. Larson described it as "an invaluable resource for those seeking to understand the American controversy over creationism and evolution from the perspective of an eloquent and knowledgeable partisan," adding that it "offers an insightful overview of the American controversy over teaching evolution along with a representative sampling of short excerpts from both creationists and evolutionists. By reading it, teachers, parents, students and the public can be better prepared to answer creationist claims and defend the teaching of evolution."

A November 20, 2007, press release from the ISSR explained, "The ISSR, the world’s leading learned society in the field of science and religion, will create a foundational library of central texts in the field. This library will consist of approximately 250 books spanning all important areas and disciplines as well as key international and intercultural voices. Upon selection of constituent titles, Society members will write critical essays on each book and these will be collected into a new, stand-alone companion volume, The ISSR Companion to Science and Religion, to be made available through a commercial publisher. ... By the end of this three-year program a basic library in science and religion will exist for the first time. A compact, critical overview will be available in the form of the companion volume, and hundreds of institutions worldwide will provide access for their students, scholars and the general public."

Other books by NCSE members and Supporters in the list include Francisco Ayala's Darwin's Gift to Science and Religion (introduced by NCSE's Peter M. J. Hess), Sean B. Carroll's Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Daniel C. Dennett's Breaking the Spell and Darwin's Dangerous Idea, Taner Edis's An Illusion of Harmony, Ursula Goodenough's The Sacred Depths of Nature, Stephen Jay Gould's Rocks of Ages and Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle, John F. Haught's Deeper than Darwin and Is Nature Enough?, Ernst Mayr's Toward a New Philosophy of Biology, Kenneth R. Miller's Finding Darwin's God, Ronald L. Numbers's The Creationists and his collection Galileo Goes to Jail, Robert T. Pennock's Tower of Babel and his collection Intelligent Design Creationism and its Critics, Michael Ruse's Can a Darwinian be a Christian? and Monad to Man, and Elliott Sober's Unto Others (coauthored with David Sloan Wilson).