Friday Forage

Last week on Friday Forage, you had to explore NCSE’s new section on Legislation and Court Cases to meet our challenge. Kudos to the folks who found the Kitzmiller piece I was talking about. A prize is on its way!

While looking for other gems from our archives, I found a fabulous Reports of the NCSE article from 2002 by Phina Borgeson, who was then NCSE’s Faith Network Director. Phina wrote about Science and Religion in a piece entitled, “Why NCSE Should Be Involved in the Science-Religion Dialog.”

In the piece, Phina goes into detail about why NCSE cares about the interplay of science and religion, and how that sometimes makes us different from other organizations that address evolution. In particular, NCSE has always been sensitive to and made an effort to engage with religious communities—communities that have often been ignored by the science community. As you might imagine, that approach is not without its critics.

Want to see a little NCSE history of how we ended up where we are? Find Phina’s piece, and tell me how you got there (no Dr. Google allowed!), and NCSE will send you a little prize!

I realize this will be an extra tricky challenge because we are still working with our developers to iron out the bugs on our new site. So, a search in one direction may very well lead you in another one. If you find something especially intriguing, let me know!

Don’t fall down the rabbit hole. Good luck!

Minda Berbeco
Short Bio

Minda Berbeco is the former Programs and Policy Director at NCSE.