Farewell to Kate Carter

NCSE bids farewell to Kate Carter, who joined NCSE as Director of Community Science Education in 2018. A physical anthropologist by training, Carter effectively extended NCSE's outreach efforts with regard to climate change as well as evolution, reconfiguring the program to focus on preparing graduate students to make outreach a permanent part of their future scientific careers. As a mentor, she helped NCSE's Graduate Student Fellows not only with outreach but also with related research, such as assessing how well outreach efforts are coordinated within universities, evaluating how local news coverage of climate change has changed over the years, developing a hands-off (but still interactive!) genetics exhibit that will travel between local libraries. Particularly impressive was her success in pivoting the program online when the COVID-19 pandemic came. We will miss Carter's creativity and her ability to demonstrate to graduate students that informal science education can and should be undertaken with the same kind of rigor they bring to their basic science research. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

NCSE Executive Director Ann Reid
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Ann Reid is the Executive Director of NCSE.