From Evolution to Global Warming?

Will 2010 be the Year of Science Denial?

Science deniers, creationists, and their fellow travelers aren't just targeting evolution. Now they're turning their sights on global warming.

Proof positive? The South Dakota legislature has passed House Concurrent Resolution 1009, which encourages teachers to present "balanced teaching" on global warming. The state senate has passed a similar resolution.

If this language sounds familiar, it's because "balanced and objective", "strengths and weaknesses", and similar wording have been used for years by creationists to weaken evolution education and sneak religion into science classes.

NCSE has dissected this disturbing trend in two articles published today by staff scientists Steve Newton and Josh Rosenau.

Huffington Post: "Denying Science, Legislating Reality"

Science Progress: "Climate Change Preps for Its Scopes Trial"

Notes Rosenau: "Science is not and should not be resolved through the legislative process, and the details of what teachers present as science should not be dictated by legislators with no experience as scientists or teachers."

NCSE's article is here.

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