Eugenie Scott, Barack Obama, Bill Gates Honored!

Scientific American names the 10 most important leaders in science and technology

Barack Obama and Bill Gates are in good company. The NCSE's Dr. Eugenie C. Scott joins Obama and Gates as members of the Scientific American 10 honor roll. This honor roll pays tribute to the ten people in the last year who have "demonstrated exceptional leadership and accomplishment in guaranteeing that future technologies will be applied to the benefit of humanity".

Past honorees include Al Gore, stem cell pioneers Kevin Eggan and Shinya Yamanaka, Fred Kavli (technology entrepreneur and philanthropist), the X Prize Foundation, and a host of world-renowned (and world class) researchers, policy makers, and business leaders.

Why was Dr. Scott picked? "We were delighted to recognize [her]...tireless advocacy to ensure that evolution, the cornerstone of all modern biology, is taught correctly in the nation's public schools," said John Rennie, Editor in Chief of Scientific American.

Candidates were nominated by researchers, business executives, government officials, leaders of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and Scientific American's Board of Editors. To be eligible, nominees must reach "some significant landmark of accomplishment during the past year: the development of a working prototype; passage of a law; introduction of a new service, etc."

Dr. Scott passed this test with flying colors. The keynote article published today on the Scientific American site hails Dr. Scott as a champion for the teaching of evolution:

"Thomas Henry Huxley was the 19th-century biologist known as 'Darwin's bulldog' for his defense of the great scientist's ideas. The 21st century has a counterpart in the woman who describes herself as 'Darwin's golden retriever'. With the ever changing semantics of antievolutionists, Darwin's golden retriever will have plenty more chances to act as a loyal defender of teaching evolution in the schools."

To see the article, go here.

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