"Dueling Books Compete to Educate Kids on Climate Change"

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A spate of scientifically accurate and pedagogically appropriate teaching materials about climate change is arriving, according to Frontline (November 2, 2018) — hopefully in time to stymie a new propaganda campaign rumored to be under way.

NCSE's deputy director Glenn Branch explained, "The public school science classroom is where the majority of U.S. citizens will get any formal instruction on climate science — if they get any at all. So it makes sense that classrooms would be a battleground for those who want climate change to be taught — and those who want it to be mis-taught."

As NCSE previously reported, the Heartland Institute — notorious for its billboard comparing climate change "believers" to the Unabomber — mailed a booklet entitled Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming and a companion DVD to science teachers across the country in March 2017, eliciting wide reproaches and rebuttals (including NCSE’s).

Now a follow-up aimed specifically at teachers and students is planned, although details are scarce. But three new publications — The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change, Communicating Climate Change, and Understanding Climate Change (forthcoming from the National Science Teachers Association) — are expected to prepare teachers for the onslaught.

Frontline observed that in a recently issued statement, the NSTA encouraged teachers to explain to their students "that no scientific controversy exists regarding the basic facts of climate change" and teaching "climate change as any other established field of science."