"Dispatches from the Evolution Wars"

"Dispatches from the Evolution Wars: Shifting Tactics and Expanding Battlefields," a review article by NCSE's Glenn Branch, Eugenie C. Scott, and Joshua Rosenau, was published in Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics (2010; 11: 317-338). The abstract:

Creationism continues to present a challenge to the teaching of evolution in the United States. With attempts to ban evolution education and to "balance" the teaching of evolution with creationism unavailing, creationists are increasingly favoring the approach of misrepresenting evolution as scientifically controversial. To understand the ongoing challenges facing evolution education in the United States, it is necessary to appreciate creationist actions at the different levels of educational governance — state legislatures, state boards of education, local boards of education, and finally the individual classroom — that serve as the battlegrounds for the evolution education wars. Scientists are in a unique position to defend the teaching of evolution, both by resisting creationist incursions as they occur and by helping to improve the teaching of evolution at both the precollege and college levels.

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