Darwin Day 2022: Squamate Speciation Symposium

Snakes are really odd, really successful kinds of lizards. They are so successful and so unusual that most people don’t even think they are lizards. The origin of snakes has led to a deep well of questions: When and why did they lose their limbs? Why don’t snakes have eyelids? What’s up with all the tongue flicking?

The National Center for Science Education in collaboration with the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) hosted a special encore, online session of the popular "Squamate Speciation Symposium" that was presented face-to-face during the 2021 NABT Conference in Atlanta, GA. This lively session explores the origins of limblessness, the discovery of the largest snake of all time, Titanoboa cerrejonensis, and how 3D imaging of museum specimens opens up a whole new world of opportunities for scientists and educators alike.

The webinar was facilitated by:

  • Edward L. Stanley, oVert program/Florida Museum, University of Florida
  • Rebecca Brewer, Troy High School, NCSE Teacher Ambassador
  • Lin Andrews, Director of Teacher Support, NCSE
NCSE Director of Teacher Support Lin Andrews
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Lin Andrews is NCSE Director of Eduation.