Congratulations to Mark Terry

Mark Terry and studentsMark Terry and students

NCSE is delighted to congratulate Mark Terry on being named the 2011 recipient of the Evolution in Education Award. The award, sponsored by the American Institute of Biological Sciences and the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, is awarded by the National Association of Biology Teachers to recognize innovative classroom teaching and community education efforts to promote the accurate understanding of biological evolution. The NABT's News and Views blog (September 17, 2011) observed that Terry is "well known within the evolution education community for giving a strong voice to secondary school teachers through keynote presentations, articles, and service on committees and advisory groups, including his role as a Teacher Advisor for the UCMP websites Understanding Evolution and Understanding Science." Moreover, it added, "A keen observer of the activities and strategies used by the anti-evolution movement, Mark has worked to help teachers, scientists, and the public address challenges and counteract efforts to limit the teaching of evolution." (Two examples: his 2005 essay "Intelligent Design, or Not," published by New Horizons for Learning, and his 2007 essay "What's Design Got to Do with It?" published in Independent Schools.) Terry is Science Chair as well as cofounder of the Northwest School in Seattle.