"Climate science under attack in classrooms"

Protester carrrying a "Listen to the Science" poster.

NCSE was prominently featured in a review of recent attacks on climate change education published by E&E News (September 12, 2023), with NCSE's Deputy Director Glenn Branch commenting, "Climate change education is part and parcel of the ongoing culture wars."

The article cited episodes in Texas, where (as NCSE previously reported) science textbooks submitted for state adoption are under review, as well as Florida and Oklahoma, which have recently approved climate-change-denying videos from PragerU for classroom use.

NCSE's Branch described these as regional skirmishes, however, explaining, "The arc is bending toward more and better climate change education nationally, and that's going to be uneven, and incremental and scattered, but that's the trendline."

The article ended by quoting Aicha Davis (D-District 13), a member of the Texas state board of education, as saying, "I don't want students graduating from Texas public schools that don't even understand how their actions can have long-term effects on the climate."

Glenn Branch
Short Bio

Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.